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We Accept
Prepaid Credit Cards

The Advantages
Load Any Amount
No Bank Account Needed
No Credit Check
No Interest
No Hidden Fees
No Hassles
Just Load & Purchase! Pre-Paid Credit Cards are available for your convenience, and as an alternative payment option for use in our store.

Pre-paid credit cards are quick and easy to activate and do not require you to get a credit check or have a bank account. Generally, all you need are two forms of I.D. and verify your address, that's it.

Then, just load the credit card with the amount of cash you want, or direct deposit (however you choose to set it up) and since you pre-pay you avoid all the hassles of interest and "other payments" associated with a regular credit card, but still maintain all of the protection benefits as you would with a regular credit card.

Get your card immediately at all participating locations. Please note, we are not endorsing any of the pre-paid credit card companies mentioned below. There are many to choose from. We are simply providing you with only a few available for your convenience.

Samples of Two Pre-paid Credit Card Companies Available:
  • Prepaid credit card available online at Green Dot (immediate credit card): Click here

  • Participating Wal-Mart locations: Click here  

  • Prepaid credit card available at all MoneyGram agent locations or online:
    Click here
If privacy is a concern for you then this is the most confidential method to purchase from us and you can have any alternative location arranged for the billing address associated with the prepaid credit card (post office box or the like) so that you can have your packages shipped from us to you, to an alternate location to maintain your anonymity.

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NOTE: Free spells can only be redeemed at time of checkout along with the original order and cannot be used at a later time. Sorry, no exceptions!

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